Navajo Jewelry, Native American Indian Arts and Crafts

Exceptional quality earrings, pendants and necklaces made with turquoise, coral and the finest silver. Plus Zuni and Hopi rings, knives, replica weapons, earrings, bracelets, carvings, pottery and Southwestern paintings.

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Check out our huge inventory of native american indian jewelry, dream catchers, bear paw pendants, turquoise and sterling silver necklaces, buffalo bone hairpipe four line choker necklaces, turquoise and bone bracelets and beaded fringe jewelry. We also have a large collection of Southwestern and Navajo Indian artwork and decor.

Native American Indian silver jewelry and arts and crafts from Southwestern Pueblos. We are proud to specialize in native art and jewelry from the Native American Indians. Native Beauty enjoys an extensive network of relationships with Native artists on a number of reservations in Arizona and New Mexico.

Native American Earrings. A perfect gift idea for that unique person. We only have a small supply and limited stock, so get your's today. Native American Bracelets. A tremendous amount of workmanship and original design goes into the creation of each Navajo or Zuni or bracelet. Come see them all, one is for you!

See these beautiful, hand made silver necklaces. Zuni and Navajo indian artists are famous for their intricate craftsmanship and attention to the smallest details. Outstanding quality Navajo and Zuni Men's accessories; belt buckles, key rings, bolo ties, knives and more! A hand-picked selection of perfect gifts for a man. Hopi Silver Overlay Jewelry is known worldwide for its beauty and charm. Check out these unique, high quality pieces!

Our Navajo replica weapons collection - as close to the real thing as you can get without going to a museum. Note: These are not toys.

Current special on Native American Dream Catchers, Turquoise Pendants and Long Chain Necklaces.


Navajo jewelry and art, Native American jewelry and Southwestern art.


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